Planner Tab is loading in Teams mobile app

limson louise
Occasional Contributor

We  are facing a problem in the mobile Teams App,Can´t open Planner Tab in the App.The screen just stay grey but no planner tasks appear.


No issues in Teams desktop client and Teams Webapp

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Do you have the planner app installed?

Yes Adam, i have planner app installed.. but planner tab is not opening in Teams with/without Planner app installed

@limson louise This has been going on for a few iOS versions. Planners don't load, but you can use the ... menu to open in Planner itself and it automatically pops up. 

Yes, that’s correct! Hopefully fixed soon!!


@Robin Nilsson thanks, this is the same case for android as well.

@adam deltinger the new v71 seems to have fixed it. When you click on a Planner tab it now throws you over into the Planner app. Not sure what it would do if you haven't downloaded the Planner app, but now at least you don't have to watch the hamster wheel turning endlessly....

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