Planner And SharePoint Integration For Teams Across SME

Alex Buxton
Occasional Contributor

Hi all and thanks in advance for any help.


I am setting up a new teams structure for my SME.


Is there a way to share/engage with an employee within the business around a Planner task without necessarily adding them to the team or channel.


For example, I am in Marketing so obviously part of the Marketing team. I am creating a design for a magazine advert for someone in the HR team. I don't really want them as part of my Marketing team or design channel within the Marketing team as they may get confused and bombarded with stuff they need not see. However, at task level their engagement is needed and I can't see a way to add them to the task without bringing them into the whole Marketing structure.


I have tested private messaging them a link to the task which is a potential workaround but not ideal. Also, they said the link didn't work.


Add to this that in the private message I couldn't attach material from my SharePoint structure i.e. Design folder. I could only share from PC or One Drive.


It's worth noting that all employees are part of the overall Teams structure i.e. Logistics employees are part of the Logistics Team and all channels and plans within that. And they are also part of the global business team. I only want to use the global team for generic content i.e. Well done shout-outs and Birthday shout-outs etc.


Does anyone have any advice on the above, please?



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