Our company just started using Teams, notification question.

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We are a fairly hyper connected management team. Monitoring our cell phones, desk phones, emails, Skype and now Teams.  However when my manager asked a question in our Team channel I don't get any Red notification in the desktop app. I often have to keep going back to the chat group to see "oh, he asked a question an hour ago" and I didn't respond. 


I have all my notifications lit up in settings (banner and email), yet I have never gotten an email, but more important, I need the notification flag to pop up.  Does my manager have to address everyone in the group by the @ name in order for us to know he asked something? 



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Yes, your manager have to mention you, the channel or the team with @. But you will also get an notification from channels that you follow. Click on the three dots next to the channel and select Follow this channel.



 E-mail notification doesn't work perfect I would say, sometimes you get the notification and sometimes not. There is a uservoice about this.


You can also set quiet hours in Teams mobile client and in Windows 10 for times when you don't want notifications.

Linus has this correct, you will only get a banner for a mention or a channel follow and chats / likes. The e-mail notification will only come in if you've been logged out and or inactive in Teams for 5 minutes so your status is away. Then you will receive e-mail notifications. So basically anytime your active in Teams, your timer for frequency on the e-mail notifications gets reset.

Thank you, that worked! We got zero training on it, just a link to download. 

Much appreciated. 

Highly recommend checking this document out, and perhaps sharing around.

I will and thank you!