Organization employees shown as externals

Arūnas Malūkas

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that newly created users in our company that get O365 license are shown in MS Teams as externals, but we do not have an issue with old members, that had a license since old days.

We are using Skype for business Hybrid and employees that are homed on-premises does not experience, only the ones that use Skype for business online.

Are there any specific settings that we should apply or...? Any suggestions where to look is appreciated.

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Could this be the cause:


User accounts and data

In a hybrid deployment, any user who you want to home online must first be created in the on-premises deployment, so that the user account is created in Active Directory Domain Services. You can then move the user to Skype for Business Online, which will move the user's contact list.


From:  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/skypeforbusiness/hybrid/plan-hybrid-connectivity


/ Adam

Not actually what I am looking for.

User account was created on-premises active directory long time ago. User had Office 365 license assigned but with MS Teams feature turned off. I have turned on MS Teams license for the user, but he is shown now as external (see pictures attached).

I do not want to migrate user to Skype online, cause we are still on a pilot phase.

Any suggestions what could have changed here that users are now reflecting as externals?

Take a look in Azure AD, if they show up as Guest there, then you have a serious issue that will justify a support ticket.

They are not shown as guests in AAD.

ok, the next place to check would be the LYODS (Lync online directory services)  and Teams Directory), one of them may have a sync problem with AAD, sorry, but I don't know how do actually do the check.

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