Optimal WIndows 10 firewall setting for Teams desktop app?

Calum Steen
Occasional Contributor

I've 95% sure that, at least in our environment, the Teams desktop app isn't setting Windows 10 firewall rules optimally, probably due to locking down the build.


When staff start video in Teams desktop, they see a one-off message that WIndows 10 firewall has blocked certain features of the application. I'm assuming this is Teams trying to use UDP on high ports for it's preferred protocol(s).


What are the Windows 10 firewall rules needed to optimist performance of the Teams desktop app?


NB I've already followed MSFT guidance on optimizing the network on boundary firewalls etc.

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Hi Calum,

Here is the URL's and IP address ranges for Teams




Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on.


Best, Chris

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