Notifications to a Teacher for Resubmitted Assignments

Brian Wyzlic
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One of my teachers ran into a problem where a student resubmitted an assignment and she never knew it was resubmitted. This is how she works her course -- students may submit and re-submit as needed. However, the only way she was able to find it was to go to each assignment card and check the status of assignments. This means her workflow now includes her regularly checking old assignments on the chance that students have turned in new work.

Is there a way to have a notification turned on for this? Or even making things bold, much like Class Notebook does when changes are made to pages?

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There is currently a uservoice open for this here


Would recommend to vote and drive as many to vote on this as possible to drive up the agenda. It is really important for teachers to be notified of turned in or resubmitted assignments otherwise, as you say, it is wasting a great deal of time having to check every one for incremental changes. I would personally love to see this feature so have voted too.

After BETT 2019 a few weeks ago assignments are being actively worked on and this may be part of that. However I would still recommend voting and pushing this up the agenda.

Hope that helps answer your question.

Best, Chris
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