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Maciej Obojski
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as of few days it seems that notifications from chats are not being picked up by desktop app ?

I have Teams opened in the background, receive a chat and cannot see anything - there is no taskbar count, the chat message does not turn bold etc.


It seems to be the case for quite a few people in our company. Is this a known issue ?

I have submitted a problem via Teams, but wanted to check with community if this is something widespread?



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There are some issues with notifications in Teams and the Team is working on them. It would help if you open a support ticket and share your users' logs with the suppor team
Hi Juan Carlos,
thanks for the update - I did use the 'Report a problem' option inside Teams client.
Is there any other way to submit a support ticket ?
A support ticket through the Admin Portal

I can confirm that I have had this same issue, at first a thought things where very quiet and no one was sending my any messages or mentions, but then I opened Teams and the chat section and saw few messages.


I also don't get any notifications in Teams on Teams online meetings

Hi guys, patch is rolling out that has fixed this issue. Run your check for updates and rejoice!

I still have this issue even though Teams is telling me I have the latest version when I check for updates. Any other suggestion? I tried rebooting as well, but no luck.

It could still be rolling out, usually these things take a few days to get fully out to all tenants it seems. Good news is there is def. a patch out there that fixes the issue hitting clients.


perhaps you can share the build number where the issue is fixed? 

Mine still says: You have Microsoft Teams Version (64 bit). It was last updated on 10/08/2018.




The build number does not update. I know they should at least do a minor update on it but these (patches) only restart the client and pop up the refresh now message to restart. However if you’ve reboot etc. it could have been applied already. Only way to know for sure is test but it should be deployed to everyone by now.
Ok I got it fixed now. I had quiet hours enabled on my notifications on Windows 10, which didn't stopped me from receiving Teams notifications earlier on, but seems like it was changed with an update.
I wish it could still highlight the app in orange in the taskbar with quiet hours enabled so I know someone pinged me, but this is something at least.

Good to know this snuck in might have been what had broke it originally. Thanks :)

Same issue.  No notifications on my Desktop app or on my Android phone app.  We are testing Teams out but if we don't get notifications it cannot replace the current messaging apps we are using now.  Teams is up today and I am an MS Insider but that does not explain the Android app having the same issues.  Others with iphones also no not get notifications.

I'm having the same problem as well.  Notifications are hit or miss on Android and desktop app.  I also have an important channel that I'm following that I should be receiving e-mail notifications on, which also doesn't happen.  Android notifications were working, but stopped randomly.  I love the concept of Teams, but there's some very basic functionality that is absolutely necessary to us that just isn't quite there yet.

Just because you have follow set to email won’t mean you get them. You have to not be using the app for it to send email notifications. If you use it and follow a channel somewhere and expect email it just doesn’t work that way. Or if you check your mobile device and someone sends a notification within like 5 minutes it won’t email either. Email is when your away from the app for longer than 3-5 minutes in general then you will get email since it knows you haven’t used the app.

Also on molbile set to get all notifications in options

For the android app, I have all notifications on and marked as Urgent and added it as a "Do not disturb custom exception".  We use a specific channel for P1 calls, and I've missed two of them now because I wasn't notified in any way by the app.  Both times were outside of business hours when I was nowhere near my computer.  I've even tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing data & cache, etc... Still won't work.  I'm open to any suggestions.

So do you not get the notifications in the activity feed? Assume your favoriting and following the channel.

They do show up in the feed when I open the app, but I'm never actually notified.

I'm having exactly the same issue although I've put my phone in Priority Only and marked Teams to 'ignored' the Priority in both the OS and the Teams app. Really frustrating, we moved from WhatsApp to Teams and we like it but it's still buggy.

As of last week, I now get notifications on my mobile phone every time someone posts a message in the channel, but I still don't receive notifications when someone starts a meeting in the channel.  Still buggy but it seems like it is getting better.

I am no longer receiving notifications in iOS, even with "always" set within the app.

I have the same problem with the latest Android app.  Zero notifications, even though it is set to always.  I've disabled, re-enabled, reinstalled, nothing. 


Hi all. I would just like to add that Microsoft Teams is still not sending out notifications properly. It seems that 'Chat' sends out notifications for most, however any time someone talks in any of the 'Teams' channels notifications do not appear.

@Sebastian WhincopThat sounds normal, you don't get notified for every post in every group you are a member. If you've chosen to Follow a channel (not just favourite it), and turn on the option for notifications for Followed message posts you'll get notified.

@Howard Renolletthe list of notifications in the app doesn't have an option for meeting started, so I wouldn't say there is any bug, more of a feature request you should suggest through Uservoice.

Im a new teams users trying to convince my entire org to move out of skype to teams but even though this ticket is not new, i still have no notifications on my android device. 

Without such a basic feature there is no way this software can be properly used. has any anyone fixed ever fixed this?

Teams for Android app have BUG. Our user and me also occur often.

 Same issue for me here, users report that they miss notification or they don't see any notification on computer windows 10 or android


I suggest that microsoft create a site with tickets in progress, such as user voice but for issues on the platform to give us a clear vision on problems going on rather than posting on blog / creating tickets in our tenant :) 


thanks :)

Notifications are still not working correctly. Just to know, on Android it is not working at all, if you mention someone in channel, or mention channel name to notify all. Conversations are buggy too. Probably you are trying to make notification algo like Slack, but you are not successful at all. Maybe better should be to create easy mechanism to notify users.

Mention or PM received, show notification - Desktop/Phone. 

Reply on thread where are you mentioned, show notification. 


Easy and effective.

If this will work, everything will be OK. More than OK. :)

In my organization we have same issue with notifications.

It is totally random. For few it works perfectly fine. For few work perfectly fine. We also have people for whom it sometimes works sometimes not. 


It is really a shame because it seems to be great tool, way better then Skype. 

We keep having this issue with our internal teams.  We are constantly on the move and depend 100% on mobile notifications.  They work when someone mentions you in a channel (@) but otherwise the push notifications don't show up in either IOS or Android phones.

Never had an issue with iOS notifications. You need to make sure you are following channels you want new message alerts for and or that people are using reply and your set to get notifications for replies. What I see often is people don’t follow channels and they won’t reply. Therefore you won’t get notifications in these cases.


Just noticed that Follow option is no longer around.


Also received update feature from Microsoft indicating that they will be rolling out changes to follow feature.



You should still have follow until the new notification shows up. Make sure the channel is a favorite first you can only follow favorite channels.

Hi @Maciej Obojski 


I am having issues receiving any form of notification from Teams. I have done the following: 

- adjusted settings to ensure it is set to "banner" notifications; 

- turned off Focus Assist; 

- followed all my groups in team;

- uninstalled and deleted all files before re-installing; and 

- restarting my computer (Microsoft 10).


However, I am still not receiving any pop-up notification. Only difference is that the green signal turns to red when I receive a notification. I am also the only one facing this issue amongst my colleagues. 


Does anyone have any solution to this problem? I would appreciate any advice as this is a great app but I am sadly unable to use it.


Much thanks


Make sure you are following each team channel
Still does not work :(

@ywong09I have exactly the same issue.  I start with my status set to Available, then I minimise Teams to the system tray.  Someone then sends me a message but I get no notification; however, my status is automatically set to Busy instead.   When I maximise Teams it shows my status as Available, but the system tray icon shows a red dot.


It's infuriating as Teams is being adopted by my organisation as its primary messaging app, and it appears to others as though I'm ignoring messages... and I think I'm the only person in my organisation experiencing this!


If it helps, I also run Teams on my home PC (with the same sign-in) and it works fine.

You need to see if you are running some form of remote control softWare or Citrix etc. on your machine in the office. Some things will cause you to go busy as it used to do the same with Skype etc. something has to be triggering the busy status on that system.
Yes, the thing that is triggering my status to go to Busy is receiving a new Teams message! Although, as I mentioned, my status only shows as Busy on the system tray icon; my avatar in Teams still shows as Available (and this is what colleagues report that they see).
When in doubt, sign out and log back in. That fixes most weird things in Teams clients. It's not the same as quit or rebooting, make sure you sign out explicitly.

I'm no longer receiving pop-up notifications on my PC for chat.

In Settings -> Permissions -> Notifications seems to be hard set to off.  I can’t change it.


That setting is normal and not currently configurable, it’s for apps as well. So it’s not the issue.

Hi @NikRivers, my issue was similar although I am not sure if my status was automatically set to Busy when someone sends me a message. In any case, my issue has been resolved now! To be honest I am not sure how and why, but I did uninstall and delete all files in the computer related to Teams, then reinstalled the app again. I made sure all other settings were right (i.e. enabled Focus Assist, notifications turned etc.). You could try installing it on your phone to see if it works too. The changes may take some time to set, as mine took a day or two. 


Hope this works soon!



Well enabling focus assist is the last thing you want to do if you want notifications ;). I don’t think support is in for it yet but when it is that will lock them

Oops sorry hahaha @NikRivers please don't enable your Focus Assist :) @Chris Webb 

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