Notifications not working properly in latest version?

Ed Hansberry
Regular Contributor

Is anyone having an issue with notifications not working correctly in (64bit)? I am on Windows 10.


In the previous version (before Feb 22) when I had a chat or someone tagged me, the Teams icon on my desktop got a red badge on it like it does on phones/tablets.


That no longer happens. I get an audible ding like I used to, which I rarely hear over my music, office din, or because I am just not at my desk, and I do get the badge inside the app once I open the UI up and look at it, but no longer the badget on my task bar, which is pretty critical.

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I think we have a similar issue:



We get the notifications, but the chats inside Teams actually don't change to Fat so that one can see where something new happend. You can watch it inside my video.

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