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I have seen several posts about notifications on this but has not answered what I am looking for (I am using on Mac OSX).


One of the key things that I am looking to see is if we can use Teams as our IM to replace Free Skype.  We use 1:1 chats all the time.  But, one thing is that when we are away from our computer or have multiple conversations at one time we rely on the notification of the little red circle with the number of unread conversations on the app icon.  I only seem to get that when something goes to my "Activity" section.  But just a normal 1:1 chat I don't see a notification.


Any help here would be great.

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On my Android mobile phone I receive no notifications at all even if Notifications are set to Always and CHAT notification is enabled.  The chosen sound is working perfectly when testing it so everything should be ready to receive notifications if someone write to the chat but it's not working at all.  Even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work.  

There are different notifications for the different clients.  So you'd want to set the notifications on your Teams desktop client using Settings > Notifications under your profile picture.  On your phone you would set notifications also... but again, first make sure you've set these on the desktop as those likely will drive how you want notifications handled and then treat the mobile as complimentary to that.

Yes, despite everything turned on in DESKTOP as well as MOBILE, on the mobile, no notifications are received.  I would like someone with an Android phone at Microsoft confirm that I'm not crazy and CHAT notifications aren't getting through on an android smartphone


Thank you


Please look at the screenshot provided in my last message

Hi Scott
If you receive an unread Chat notification, the Chat tab should light up with a notification and the icon in the tray should get a red dot in it.
@ mention is the best way to be notified of a conversation in a Channel. Users should tag you/each other in to relevant responses and posts.
I also suggest checking in on Teams every once in a while to see what's happening. I keep mine open like I do with Outlook.
Are you saying that you are not seeing the red dot for chat messages?