No "chat" icon in the iOS app ?

Erik Collard
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Since the latest update of the iOS TEAMS app, there is no "Chat" icon anymore. To access a chat we now have to search for the person, click "send a message" and then the conversation appears. 




The icon used to be in the bottom bar. It's still existing in the Android app. 


What is it here, a feature that's about to be removed or just a bug, fixed in the next version ? 


Thanks !




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Strange! I have it still and also having the most up to date version...What version do you have?

(Settings - About)



A colleague has a previous version (1.077.2018071502) and she has the CHAT icon... 

hi! I have the 1.077.2018090201 version and have the chat icon! Try refreshing the appstore and see if there's a new version available! Otherwise Try to uninstall/install


Cheers / Adam

Also it the issue persists, try to submit the error from the Teams App so you can get support from the Team that is behind the iOS App

This can happen when the token expires... simply try to log off and log back in.

Nope (tried it) and it’s a common issue for some of my colleagues as well...

Thanks for helping !
Done yesterday, thanks for the advice !



9 days after the issue reporting there is no change and I heard nothing from Microsoft. Someone from MS dropping by and could give a little hand or info here ? 


Thanks !


Try to report it again in both the Teams App and by opening a support case

Got the same today on one user. Any updates on this? Tested on Android, works fine, just iOS bugging.

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