No group or mailbox created when creating Microsoft Team

Ryan Graham
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I created my first team in Microsoft Teams but do not see a corresponding o365 group or mailbox. It is my understanding that these should have been created upon creation of the team. As a result, I am unable to schedule a meeting in Teams and get the following error when trying to do so:


Mailbox address for selected team is not available


Did I miss a step somewhere in the provisioning process?

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Did you get a fix with this? - I'm experiencing the same issue.... the only thing I can think of is that we are running a hosted exchange service (i.e. outside of the MS office365 environment)...
Aside from this MS Teams is awesome...

Cheers - Grunta

Unfortunately not.  As such, we decided to scrap the idea of using this tool.

Thanks for this info...
It ticks all the boxes but just falls short on this by the looks...
Can I ask what solution / tool you use in place?

Thanks - Grunta

We use Basecamp at my company but I personally think the best competitor for this feature-wise is Slack.

I assume you created the group recently, the system requires time to create the entire setup in the backend. It might work right now?

There is a workaround to create a tab in Teams by using a specific URL with groupnamewithoutspaces@yourcompany,com but this is ridiculous, there is otherwise no other way to access the group mailbox in Teams, and it also doesn't show up in your Outlook's Groups section (although according to MS documentation is supposed to)

You do not see the mailbox or the group because with new teams creations they are hidden from the groups and mails. However you could run a powershell to unhide them


see this link https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/18706228-prevent-team-from-sho...

That is just as bad. It doesn't have to be in Outlook, but it has to be available it Teams. How stupid is it that you get a Teams mailbox but you cannot access it?!

I'm joining this discussion almost 3 years after the original posted started this thread. Undoubtedly, things have changed some, since then. However, I've encountered this problem, when looking at this feature in MS Teams for the first time today. When I click on the Meetings tab, I get the message, "Mailbox does not exist". Doing a Bing search, I discovered a page titled, Known issues for Microsoft Teams. A section on that page tiled "Meetings not available" lists the following workaround:


Upgrade to Exchange 2016 CU3 or later for the on-premises deployment.


We are running MS Teams and Exchange on-premises. And this explains everything. I work in state government. Our Exchange server is handled by an entirely different department than the one I'm in. They're running MS Exchange 2013 - with, as I understand it, no plans on upgrading.


Whelp, so much for that feature.

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