New feature: SharePoint news - aggregation into Microsoft Teams chat

John Wynne
Valued Contributor
Just out of curiosity, because I know it's just starting to rollout, has anyone received this update yet? Thanks! https://portal.office.com/AdminPortal/home?switchtomodern=true#/MessageCenter?id=MC127708
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nope, and It says site news for the team your on, I really hope they add a setting to pull it from other news sites you have access to. Having just your own team is lackluster :P. They really should just connect it to the "News" section from the sharepoint portal homepage, that would be legit.
Agreed. I hope SharePoint news on the homepage is added too. Thanks for the feedback recently I’m losing what’s rolling out and when even in Targeted Release. The SharePoint features ship over quite a period but Microsoft Teams ships almost on announcement.
Really hoping this will link to any site news or all site news etc. not just the current Team news.
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