Need to be able to search/call Outlook contacts' phone numbers without leaving Teams

Andy Saleen
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The biggest obstacle and user complaint we have when rolling out Teams is that users cannot search for their Outlook contacts to call like they could in Skype For Business. Instead, they have to open Outlook and reference the contact's phone number which is inefficient & clumsy. It goes against everything else Teams does well in in terms of consolidating apps/interfaces. Users should be able to search for and call their outlook contacts via PSTN without having to leave Teams. As it is now, Teams is not friendly for external calling or for users that have a high-volume of PSTN calls.  


Skype for Business is still a much more streamlined design for external PSTN calling because users cannot find and dial their contact's numbers in Teams. This is also true for inbound calling with the lack of inbound caller ID/contact details provided. Until this user experience is improved, I'm going to have delay our Teams rollout. Feature parity with Skype for Business is all we asking for here... Please consider adding these features soon!


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Thanks Adam, it nice not feel like I'm the only one. Please consider voting for and sharing my user voice feedback idea for this.


Another +1 here.  Along the same lines, it's incredibly irritating that when I click the call button under a contact in Teams, it assumes it should be a skype/teams call.  If I want to actually call someone's desktop or mobile number, displayed right above the call button on their contact card, I have to select & copy that phone number, click to the Calls tab, click the Dial a Number button, and paste the number into the dialer.  How ridiculous is that?


I brought this up to some of the Teams people at Ignite a couple of weeks ago, and mostly got blank stares like they didn't understand the problem.  I think I did get through to one of them, but we'll see if anything comes of it.  

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