My meetings not displaying in Staff Notebook

Cecilie Dibbern Lydersen
New Contributor

My workplace is considering using Teams. I have an issue, and will try to explain it in short;

I would like to add a meeting agenda to a meeting in my Outlook Calendar, via Staff Notebook. I have tried for meetings where I'm the admin, and not. The calendar shows up as blank, even though the selected date(s) have several meetings on them in my Outlook Calendar.


My PC (windows 10) has the "OneNote"app installed as well as "OneNote 2016". 


In Teams it's my notes from the OneNote app that displays. However, if I try to send an email to OneNote, it opens up in "One Note 2016". Has this anything to do with the empty calendar in Teams? (default program..?)


Can anyone suggest how I can get my meetings to display in Staff Notebook when clicking om Home » Meeting Details

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Hi @Cecilie Dibbern Lydersen,

have you tried to set the default OneNote application you want to use?






Yes, I've tried changing default app.


I think I discovered why today, after talking with the right colleague! :D

Our Outlook is not cloud-based yet - still server-based. Which apparently stops Teams (and Staff Notebook) to collect my calendar and details..



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