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Is it possible to suppress the incoming call ringtone when a user is on a call? The experience I've observed while already on a PSTN call and then receiving a second incoming call is that the incoming ringtone will continue to play, making it difficult to hear the person on the call. In Skype it was possible to mute/limit this under the Windows Sound settings and then disabling the "Second Incoming Call" sound under the Skype for Business sounds section. It was also possible to manage this through third party headset software like Plantronics Hub. I couldn't see any obvious settings in the client, just wondering if anyone knows of a suitable work around?

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Hi @insync-ross

In the client, the most it looks like you can do at the moment is in the settings > calls and if unanswered push to Voicemail/Call Group/New Number or do nothing and set this to 10 seconds. However, that is still a period of disruption.

There is currently an open Uservoice for this here to suppress the second incoming call. The solution would be to have the functionality within Teams itself.

I would recommend you vote and drive others to push it up Microsoft's agenda. Suppressing a second incoming call is a pretty essential feature so I voted too. I would also recommend attending future AMA's to raise it. I'll raise it on Twitter to see if I can get a response.

Hope I have answered your question.

Best, Chris
Had a response from Microsoft over Twitter

They are directing at this uservoice here

I have voted for this option. Like the one above I would vote and then raise at future AMA's. I want to see this functionality to so will do the same.

Best, Chris

Hi Chris


Appreciate the advice and assistance on this. Bit of a shame this has been overlooked by Microsoft.

Certainly problematic for people who are agents in a call queue using attendant agent routing. It really makes Teams completely inadequate for front of house/reception usage because you can get spammed by incoming calls and interrupted constantly by the ringtone.




This is exactly the problem we discussed yesterday with a splution specialist. Currently we have chosen the same approach as Chris "If unanswered push to Voicemail/Call Group...". Upvoted in UserVoice.

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