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We know there's plenty of Teams resources and help guides. But often an organisation will make their own guides that reflect the context of their organisation. It may include the "why" Teams to your particular organisation, governance, case studies of some project/teams using it successfully, and so on.


Where does an organisation make these Teams resources available

  • on their Intranet would be the most obvious place


But I also think in the Teams help page within the Teams app would also be a good place

  • pity you can't bake in your organisation's Teams resources into this page
    • I'd also include a link to ask a question to the Teams support group


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Great suggestion and curious to know if we will be able to customize at some point the Teams user interface in the way you describe here
Great idea! Make sure its on uservoice!

There sre options like creating a training portal or making your own content on SharePoint or any other platform and tab it into all teams! Also there are support bots to add and also ability to create own bots and tabs and use app policy’s to tab it in left navigation!

But of course it would be nice just to edit and customize the existing one
Agree with everyone here - would be a good feature to have so I have voted for it on Uservoice.

Best, Chris

Thx for the tip Adam - I now know that left navigation rail is called the "App bar"


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