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Hi all,

As this feature still not available in MS Teams how you are approaching the business users on this and what steps we can perform to migrate team if restructure happens?

Many thanks!
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The data in SharePoint  itself can be migrated..Conversations can't be migrated but is stored in exchange if needed

Adam is right on this one and it all depends what you want to do. Do you want to migrate chats? do you need to bring files from SharePoint or can it be done with a tab etc.

Well, let me disagree on the "conversations cannot be migrated"....they can, because we have the APIs to do it....what I would say is that the migration process is quite complex and I believe there is not currently a third party tool that covers completely this scenario
Thanks all for providing insightful information.

Yes, you all are right I believe. It seems using the code and complex process conversation migration is possible but not supported for the guest user conversation yet at the moment. See below resource -


Regarding the approach for migrating the SharePoint files, what would be your recommendation to migration so that it can include all version history information etc?

Many thanks.
Microsoft has a free tool called SharePoint migration tool! This will do in most scenarios!

For more complex migrations there is 3rd party tools out there doing magic!
Ex sharegate:

Look ate the features of the different ones and decide what will work!


First of all, conversations are NOT stored in Exchange. Compliance records are stored in Exchange. https://www.petri.com/teams-compliance-records-hybrid-exchange


There is a big difference between a compliance record and a conversation. You cannot compare the two. Also see https://www.petri.com/office-365-conversation-records-ediscovery


Second, Teams has two data stores - messages and graphics. Any migration has to deal with both. There are no APIs available for this today, so that's why there are no ISV migration tools.


Third, the SharePoint data can be moved, but moving it in isolation to the rest of Teams is hardly a migration.


Fourth, moving any team involves also moving team metadata, membership, apps, connectors, etc.


In short, this is a complex area where no good solutions currently exist.

True! My wording was faulty! As I said not from a migration point of view but if needed ( compliance), still the data is there to retrieve by e-discovery for example!
If you have teams with large amounts of data it can make sense to migrate this data to a new team site in new tenant

How? By extracting to a PST and then trying to import the information into a new team? That would be horrendously time consuming and you would have to reassemble all the conversations for each channel and ingest them in the right order. Compliance records are there for eDiscovery, not for migration. 

True again!
But as I wrote above: for compliance. Not from a migration point of view.
I was referring to SharePoint data in my last sentence!
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