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Prabhakar Sastry

Hi All,

I've got my corporate account for Teams and is configured via the ADFS. The problem i'm facing is I cannot switch account to a test tenant from the teams app. When I logout the teams app closes and when I launch it automatically logs me in with my corporate account. I wanted to test few things with my test tenant id, wherein I'm able to do that only via the web app. Anyone facing similar issue and any workaround found?




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I use a inprivate browser with edge and it works fine but I don't use ADFS so not sure if that works or not, but pretty sure a contractor company that works for us used ADFS and i got them into our Teams by doing that.

Thank you Chris, as I've mentioned I was able to view fine from browser, however the issue is with the native teams app.

When you close the app are you also closing any background processes related to teams?

Hi Pieter,


I'm logging out of the teams app, since the authentication is with ADFS when I launch the app it automatically logs me in.

Have you also opened a support ticket? I'm curious to know about how to solve this scenario of accounts switching where an ADFS is in place

I haven't yet opened a support ticket, was trying to see if there are any options available, then thought of getting through to MS :)

That's pretty much standard with any client configured to use WIA in AD FS scenarios. The usual workaround is to use the browser version as you've discovered already, and if that's not a possibility you can temporary "break" WIA by adjusting the IE settings. Or, you can simply login with a different windows profile on the machine or even "run as a different user". Running the client in a VM is another option.

Thank you Vasil for your update, I was also thinking that there are the only possibilities. Since ADFS is in place it does not give me a chance to switch account, unlike Skype for Business, which still gives an option to login with other account.

So you are using this log out option:



Then the teams app is auto restarting and you don't get any login options after that?

Capture.PNGTeams App Logout

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for you update, I did not try that option, however when I did it was working fine. Whenever I logout from the Teams App it does not give me an option to login as it is integrated with ADFS. This was a good learning. Thanks again.





For you to switch identities in the desktop app you would definitely need to log out, not just close the app.  If you close, it remembers your identity and will automatically log you back into to the primary corporate account.  


By the way, I do this every day and always use an in-private browsing window for my test tenant.  Logging in and out of the desktop app for me is not as efficient as having that other tenant open in my browser so I can easily switch back and forth as I'm testing features or creating documentation.  

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