Microsoft Teams external users to the domain are unable to join via video

Karen Wackenthaler
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Microsoft Teams external users to the domain are unable to join via video.   I have one user who has a Mac and when they try to video conference the external user will receive a message  "host has blocked you from using video" or something along that line.


We don't have this issue with anyone else on Teams.  She is the only one using a Mac that is the only difference.


Thanks in advance for your help

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Highly unlikely that the Mac is the issue. Sounds more like whatever account they are logged into is blocking video use via Teams in that Teams domain. Or possibly location blockage in a country that doesn't allow Teams. Although I don't think there are many places it is blocked.

Are other users from the same Login domain the user having the issue is or anything like that?
Do you think it might be because the meeting is set up on her behalf maybe? The executive assistants setup her meetings. I have not heard of anyone else having this issue on our domain.
Not likely unless they have some TAP program or early release of Teams that allows meeting controls. Current production Teams only allows lobby settings essentially. They could have a meeting policy in place thou preventing video in their tenant.

@Chris Webb I just looked at her policy and our global policy and there is nothing like that.  When they couldn't make a video connection they used Zoom and did not have an issue.  So puzzling 

Make sure that the "Machine" is allowed Teams to use the webcam. Pretty sure I remember mac's having device protection per app that way like Windows 10 does now. Could be something like that.

Can you go into settings and preview the webcam at all?

Is this Desktop or Web? I would try Chrome if your using desktop client, if it's web you might need to try the desktop App or allow webcam access to chrome.

@Chris Webb Interesting I will have to look into that.  She is gone for the day.  I will let you know tomorrow.  Thanks so much for you help!

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