Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Shruti Mishra-Patil
New Contributor


My organization has recently started using "Microsoft Teams", however their existing 'Skype for business' license will expire soon. So my question is: 

1. Do we need separate license for Skype?

2. Will chat feature in Teams site (including audio / video calls) would work without 'Skype for business' license?

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The SfB application and the Teams application are handled as separate licenses. There are additional licenses, however, such as Domestic Calling and Audio Conferencing that apply to both.


You should not have to make any licensing changes to keep using Teams. You will, however, need to keep any additional licenses for services that integrate with both SfB and Teams.


This is all handled in the Office 365 Admin Center under user licensing. If you're not an admin, talk to your Office 365 Admin about it.


I hope that helps.

For your reference, these are the Office 365 plans that enable your users to use Teams: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/office-365-licensing
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