Microsoft Teams & adding SharePoint for private site collection (tab)

Mark Wilson
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Hi All,


Trying to add a tab in teams for SharePoint however i would like to add in a private site collection (this is what we share with customers projects) but Teams only picks up our main SharePoint sites, is there a way of doing this? If so how?


Thanks Mark

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Hi Mark,


What you could do is create a link to the SharePoint website. so not a SharePoint tab but a Link Tab. if they do not have access they will get a access denied.

By link he means use the website tab and paste the link to the site there. The experience isn’t ideal thou because you don’t get back buttons to use or anything and missing quick launch. Teams tabs need a bit of work.

If you are only needing access to documents on another site using add cloud storage and adding in Sharepoint library from another site is a nice way to add a fast folder to your other site. Of course website tab can work here too but using cloud storage puts all your files in the one file tab for quick access.
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