Microsoft Teams Trial -Admins take note!

John Wynne
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Folks read up carefully on MC136565. This has particular relevancy to licensing and control. I don't agree with this approach but mitigations are possible. https://portal.office.com/AdminPortal/home?switchtomodern=true#/MessageCenter?id=MC136565
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That's one way to drive adoption... I though we were done with all the "viral" signups, but I guess with the new fiscal year rapidly approaching, some numbers need to be hit :)

I just wonder after the first year when Microsoft Teams is in use and the organisations end their trials. I agree this is to drive seat adoption but it is a very blunt instrument. I thought we’d passed the ‘opt out’ model but it lives!

We have disabled self-service sign ups and don't see the setting. We do see the setting named "Let people in your organization go to the Office Store". Just tried accessing Teams with an account that doesn't have a license and it didn't work. Anyone know if the setting is linked to the self-service sign ups you can disable using PowerShell? It's kind of strange to not see the setting at all, but maybe the feature hasn't yet been rolled out to our tenant. They should have at least mentioned the PowerShell option as we only had that option until now. 




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