Microsoft Teams Roadmap 2019 - The list looks very light! #concerned

Lillian Diaz
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Microsoft Products Team am I looking at the right roadmap link?


I'm alarmed that only 7 items are in development and 2 are planned for roll-out. Please say it's not so...would this have to do with the whole 365 vs. O365 switch thing?

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Hi Lilian,

It is as you say - within the Microsoft 365 Roadmap

There is no specific roadmap for Teams itself. Maybe this is something to can ask for at the AMA on the 14th February here on the community


Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

Good point, definitely bringing this up. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Lillian,


I think it's safe to say that roadmap doesn't represent all the new features we will see in Microsoft Teams during 2019, and I expect it to be updated multiple times throughout the year, especially around Microsoft Build (most likely in May).


To gain more insights in what's currently beeing worked on make sure to also visit UserVoice. From the status dropdown you'll see that 85 items have the status working on it, 14 are planned, 28 needs feedback, 6 are in testing, 11 are partially done, one is coming soon and many are under consideration as of today.

If you would like to stay updated on certain items make sure to vote and leave your email to be notified whenever the status is changed.



I think this is an excellent suggestion by Magnus. I think we probably all follow uservoice regarding multiple functionalities we’d like to see. It’s also get when you get notifications when things change.

The only caveats I would say with uservoice is that it’s indeterminate time meaning items can be there for years, and also that items can slide out of being worked on such as back to being on the backlog, or then to a declined state.

Hope that clarifies.

Best, Chris

I'd really like to see MS work on the performance side of their clients then more new features.  MS Teams still seem extremely sluggish, mainly when on video or voice calls.  that's the #1 complaint in my organization.  There has been this uservoice issue open for sometime with 4k upvotes with very little movement.

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