Microsoft Teams Guest - Client Restrictions

Анатолий Сарпаев
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One of our customer plan to use Teams to collaborate with external users w/o o365.


The main question: is it legal to use desktop Teams client for guest users w/o o365?


Best Regards, Anatoly

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To use the desktop client they do not require a license. However I would check to make sure those vendors are not required to be licensed for office 365. Basically do you pay them directly to do work for you then you should license the vendor if they do not already have their own. Similar to how old external connector licenses worked. If they fall under that umbrella then they do not need license.

My understanding is that if those users are external, they don't need any license to use Teams...they can work on any team as a guest using a MSA account or an Office 365 one

Dear Colleagues, thank you a lot!

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