Microsoft Teams App for iPhone crashes on iPhone 8 Plus after providing email for login

Eliseo Calderon
New Contributor

Installed the Microsoft Teams app on my new iPhone 8 Plus. The app starts and asks for the sign-in address. Adter providing this the app crashes.


Tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it with no luck


Phone model: iPhone 8 Plus MQ902LL/AA1897

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Same here on IPhone 8. Skype also instantly crashes on login.
Same here for both. iPhone 8plus iOS 11...

Waiting for them to wake up :\

Same problem!!!! This is really devastating. I upgraded so I had a device with an ability to do more grad school rates HW on the go, but alas, the very app that houses my class no longer operates!!! Help!!

Yes, I am getting this too, also on an iPhone 8 Plus. Same problem with Skype too. Can't be iOS 11 related as both were working fine on my 7 Plus on the same OS. Very annoying as I'm missing out on updates from Directors and colleague on the go, and can only respond when I get back to my PC.

There is a new update of Teams in the App Store and the issue has been fixed - for me at least :)

An update for teams just came out. The app works after the update.

Hi, I have now the same problem with iPhone 6S and iOS 11.2, obviously with the latest app version available as of today.
Any ideas? Btw I’m having the same issue with Outlook app.
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