Making Key Words in uploaded documents searchable

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I have just created a new Teams Site and have uploaded my documents into files.  Is it possible to make keywords in these documents searchable in Teams ?



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Hi Bet25


There is a Search box above the list of Teams, after searching, you can refine the results by Message, People, or Files. This may be sufficient for you. However, if you mean search for a keyword which then pulls up and opens the particular document and goes to the word itself, then there is currently an open user voice


I voted, would recommend that you vote and direct others to vote and get Microsoft's attention on it. I will also bring it up at the next AMA

Hope I answered your question.

Best, Chris

Thanks, have just voted

Keyword search is only possible Today through Office 365 Search...I would wait until we have Microsoft Search to see how this is going to work and what Microsoft is going to do to integrate it also in Teams
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