Logic behind message replies collapsing in conversation?

Christopher Foglietta
New Contributor

Does anyone know the logic behind when a conversation thread will collapse completely? I am observing some that will collapse completely and others that will show one or two of the latest messages.

It doesn't appear to be just linked to time since last update as I have seen an example both ways.

Have looked through admin settings and online and haven't been able to find any detail about it.

Anyone know please?

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So I can tell you there are no settings for it. What compressed the conversations is leaving a channel and coming back to it. Least that’s what used to cause it and you could reproduce it every time. Not sure if anything has changed recently thou. Haven’t noticed anything.

Thanks Chris.

Have attached a screen shot of what I mean by conversation. 

Think I have figured out the pattern at least. It seems the up to 10ish days the first and last message will show (unless you have clicked expand so all shows).

When you get over this number of days it will just show the first message and the number of replies beneath it, so you can expand if you want. Unless there is only one reply then it will show the first and last (only) reply.


Had a user discussing/complaining that it doesn't always show the last reply to the string as they like to put a 'closing message' at the end of completed conversation.


It does highlight that it is a shame you can not put a status/colour code to each conversation for sorting within a channel.

Oh gotcha. Thought you meant just getting them to collapse in general. Never noticed the last message getting rolled in after awhile too.
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