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Frank van der Burgh
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As we are doing more and more with Teams, we are noticing the use of email declining within the organisation. (Most likely internal email). 


Although not a goal in itself, I would like lower this amount even further and do all internal communication by Teams. I am getting asked however a valid question; How do we keep track of questions in chats and making sure we don't forget them.


Right now everybody in Outlook has their own way, creating tasks, keeping those emails unread, dragging them into a 'needs action' folder etc. In Teams however I am limited by putting the message as important, a function which I feel is more to keep track of important URL's, Links, or chats in general that you want to occasionally revisit. Mixing this with 10 chats every day that are tasks doesnt seem like the way to go. 


Ideally I would like to see a function to convert a chat into a ToDo task/planner activity/outlook task to make sure we can follow up on chats with tasks attached to them. Since this function is currently not there, does any of you have any ideas on how to deal with these practical things to improve usage of Teams?

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I agree, I'm fully expecting Microsoft To-Do integration as message actions inside of Teams to be announced next week or at least some form of follow up / task management. It's a glaring hole and I know Microsoft uses Teams enough to know that it's needed :).

Right now I train folks to use "Mark as unread" and using the "Saved" ribbon to follow up, but not getting reminders and how it's so out of sight and hidden makes it less than ideal.

Hopefully we can come back after next week with an answer here. If not, I will be sure to bring it up to the product groups with the idea's while I'm at ignite next week.
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