Just migrated from Google, how to move OneDrive files to Teams

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Sorry for the the see spot run posting, but we just migrated to O365 Friday from Google, the dust hasn't settle yet.  Basically everyone has their own drive which they've then shared files with other employees.  A total nightmare.  Enter Teams, yay!  My company dove right into that pool, but we didn't have much water in it for them, so ouch!


We want to start moving/copying whatever into Teams.  Basically we want the file of record to live in Teams, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get a file from OneDrive into the file section of Teams.  Without resorting to downloading the file to my desktop and then uploading it into Teams.  I know there must be a better way, but we can't figure it out.


Thanks in advance. 

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Best way IMHO is to use a tool that allows you to do such move...the usual ones fit really well here: Metalogix, Sharegate, etc. Of course, you could develop a PowerShell script to do that move by yourself

Thanks for the quick response.  I guess I'm kind of stunned that can't move a file from OneDrive into Teams. 


A natural workflow would be to develop a presentation, spreadsheet, or document, and keep it in your personal space and then when it's ready for prime time, move it into a Teams site, where is not becomes property of the Team.  Or, I get addded to a Team and I have content to contribute so naturally I would expect to have a mechanism to add my stuff to the Team.


Thanks again!

we do support copying from OneDrive for Business to a SharePoint Team Site -- and every Microsoft Team has its documents stored in a Team Site. see https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Copy-files-and-folders-between-OneDrive-for-Business-and-Sh...
If anyone wants to change the file, will that be reflected in the copy on my personal drive or should I delete the original. And surely that is the difference between Copy and Move?

When you copy a file you'll end up with 2 files, there is no longer a link between them.


Move files between OneDrive and SharePoint isnt possible now, but is coming very soon. This would remove the file from your OneDrive with all history and versions, and move it to SharePoint, so you have just one file. See ...



AS a long term O365 subscriber, all I can suggets to you is to stay with Google. All MS does is release half baked ill-thought out products to its subscribers and forces them to swaste hours and days sortimg out the mess that MS has created in the first place. Oh, and apparently, we are not customers or clients, we are tenants. How feudal is that?

I had this same need.  I just noticed by chance that from within teams, on the files tab, you can copy and move one or more files from onedrive to a team channel.  Works great.  Not sure if it moves file history however.  Maybe you could try that out and post it back here.


It would be useful if you could also copy/move a whole folder which at this time does not appear to be available.

Yes, the copy/move from across any Office 365 site (e.g. SharePoint site or OneDrive library) is a fairly new feature. And super helpful as you've pointed out.

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