Is there a way to show missed calls that came through a call queue in the call history for the user

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Is there a way to show missed calls that came through a call queue in the call history for a user?



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Or any other way to access a list of missed calls for that matter.

On the calling tab, in the missed calls section

Sorry, but that list only shows calls that dialed the user directly. It will not show calls that were routed through an auto-attendant or call queue.

Sorry I misread. There isn't any useful reporting available for call queues or AA. You could overflow calls into voicemail on a timer, but there isn't any tracking for abandoned waits etc.


Thank you. I almost expected that. IMO this is one essentials feature missing. 


I have some small businesses who use or want to use Teams AA/Call Queues for some form of customer service line and they want to see missed calls so they can return the call.


The voice mail option is kind of difficult because if you make the timeout too long the caller might hang up, make it too short too many people will be redirect to VM. Furthermore voice mail in healthcare has some legal implications.

I've not heard of there being much coming for call queues, but I would suggest requesting through uservoice, https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com.


In a few months we will start to see 3rd party contact centre solutions nicely working with teams. The voice API was announced at Ignite and I bet all the current Skype Contact Center vendors will be developing ready for GA.


Thank you. I submitted it to user voice. 


Third party solutions are certainly option, but I am still thinking some basic features should be there for smaller business who not necessary have the need or the budget for another contact center solution.


@Sascha Stops 


I had the same question. I went to the Teams Admin Center, down to "Legacy Portal" and then from the Legacy Portal I went to Reports. All the information was in the PSTN Usage tab. I suspect this will be migrated to the Teams Admin Center at some point.

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