Is there a way to launch MS Teams meeting always in desktop app?

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I have MS Teams desktop app installed on my system. When ever I receive a MS teams meeting request, the meeting URL always launch in web browser and asks to "open via desktop app" 'or' use Web instead.

Is there a way to launch Teams meeting in desktop app automatically when I already have desktop app installed ??

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I guess it is when you click on the join URL in Outlook, then it will open in your web browser first. If you instead open the scheduled meeting inside the Teams client you will be join the meeting directly without opening your web browser first. There is currently no way to "fix" this.



@Linus Cansby 


Thanks  for your response!

Yeah, its behaving like this. But, I wanted to launch desktop app directly when clicking on the meeting link from mail.

@PankajHuriaI have been hunting the solution for this as well, as this is very bad user experience. But do you have the same behaviour (at least with Chrome) that when you click the link it opens the browser like you described, but if you wait a moment it is also opening the Teams client where you need to push [Join Now]?


On the launcher.html there is a part of the script which in my mind is starting the launcherLite.js and also jsll-4.js. Those two sisters should start the Teams client.


Also on bottom there is also link which you could click to get into desktop app.


Previously with the Skype there was equal behaviour, but it was much better as that closed the browser tab after the Skype was launched.

@Petri X  Thanks for your reply. I could not find the js part (or maybe I am not much aware of js) which does this magic of launching desktop app with the meeting url.  my bad :(


This is a bit different case. This helps when your edge is asking about switching application. But the issue what puzzle me is the "Experience the best of Teams meetings with the desktop app" web page when clicking "join meeting".

Hello PankajHuria,
Please make sure that Microsoft Teams status is active in your Microsoft Outlook's COM addins table.

Should you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regard,
Samuel Oguntunde

@Ogunts4u what about if using in Chrome? i dont see that as an option. 



also, the  "Uncheck the box labeled, “Always ask before opening this type of address” solution" is not an option in Chrome either. 



this is a very annoying behavior that is impeding adoption in my organization.....

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