Is there a Weather Connector available for sending local weather to dedicated Teams channel?

Robert K

I want to provide a local weather service in a dedicated Teams channel. But I can't find a appropriate connector.  Does such a connector already exist?


If not, what must I do to build one? I must admit that I nearly have no coding experience. But I found a online service with a API that provides weather data. But how to 'translate' the json response to a message in a teams channel? The site is and the service is free for 500 or less API request per day.

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You can use a weather BOT, just go to the store and search for weather and you will find one.

Thank you. I found a Bot and installed it. But it looks like that I now can add the weather manually when I am writing a message. But what I want is a service that posts the actual weather for location X each hour automatically.

Ok, so did some searching, there are RSS weather feeds available. Just find the city and you can get the RSS feed URL from it. Then plug that into a RSS connector on the channel. That should get you what you need.

Hi Robert!

If you do not have to use a connector, the easiest solution is probably to create a new tab of the type "web page" and enter the address of a weather service.


Hi Robert,


You also can create a Flow to email to a Channel or a Tab with the Weather.


And as if by magic, the most recent Flow of the Week has an example to use as a starting point :)


At least with thyou built in teams chat connector you have to use flow to create a webhook and use the webhook connector it’ll work.
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