Is Teams down?

Marc Wenning

EDIT: Looks like it is back up now, not sure what was happening there.


Is teams down for anyone else?  I noticed there are some possible OneDrive issues in O365 this morning wonder if that is causing this issue as well.  Ive tried both the desktop client and the web client same issue with both. I had a few others here at work try it too, same issue for them too.



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I've seen this screen a couple times and so far the "Try again" button has worked every time. Maybe it'd work for you? We jaded admins sometimes assume a button like that wouldn't help... :)
I have no had problems like this one with Teams...always using the Desktop App

Teams is down in our tenant as well. Our users are getting the same error screen. The retry button does not fix the error. Microsoft has an Advisory for this issue on their Service Health page.

We are also down for web and desktop app. Mobile seems good, though.


Seems to have something to do with Azure authentication.

We have some clients not able to get into Teams - some are.  Sporadic results - some can access through phone but not desktop app or web app.

It seems to be resolving for many now !just keep Trying

Desktop app and web works for us. Might have to restart browser to flush credentials on web, though.

It seems like it is coming back up for our tenant. I was able to log in on Teams Desktop App. I will test with other users in my environment. Hope the issue begins to resolve for all of you all soon.



Yup, it does seem to be resolved for most people now!

It is still intermittent. Some users are having success while others aren't. I am sure the issue will resolve once Microsoft finishes rerouting more traffic as they said in their last update on the service health portal.
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