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Tony Redmond

A free version of Teams is now available and it’s pretty good. Up to 300 users, free storage, and lots of functionality – and a phantom Office 365 tenant (or so it seems). The nice people at Slack might not like what they see, but there’s fierce competition to secure the hearts and minds of those who choose to collaborate using a free platform.

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Does one need different email addresses to log into different Ms Teams "organisations"?

Ok, sorted this one out. As soon as you log in with a particular email address the log in client matches the organizations with that email and gives you a list from which you can choose. I hadn't realized that since I had two different email addresses which each linked to different organizations.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. We have an Office 365 tenant and use Ms Teams at our school. Groups of teachers from different schools have to interact with each other and Teams is an ideal platform for that. However, the problem was always that there was no institution neutral way to host teams. Enter Free Version of Teams on the stage. That seems to be the ideal solution.


So, I signed up to the Free Version of Teams using a different email address to my normal Office 365 tenant. I had to create my own "organization" for that purpose. Since then another teacher, from a different school, whom I need to collaborate with, created his organization and added me to it, using my "private" email address - the same one I used for my free "organization".


Now when I log into Teams using my "private" email address, I don't see my "organization". As far as I can remember, I had created a trial team as well, which I don't see. I do see the team he created. I could also create my own team and add users. What I don't understand is this: Am I logged into his "organization" or my own? When I create a team, does it become part of his organization or my own? Is the Free Version of Teams part of one super organization with each user independent of each other able to see teams of which they are members and teams they have created or how does it work?


I went back to the sign up page to see what would happen if I signed up again. I get a response that I'm already signed up and can sign into Teams. When I do that, I cannot find any information of my "organization" that I had created at the beginning - such as its name. I can see the teams I mentioned above. This is hurting my puzzler!

It sounds like you are signed in as a guest into the other organization. Have you tried using a private browsing session to see if that makes a difference?


I am able to move between organizations (switch) using the drop-down list at the top right hand corner. Do you see multiple organizations listed there?

I (sometimes) get to this screen - but my "organization" is not listed. Only the other one. I see no way to recreate or access my own "organization".


TeamsSelect.jpgOnly other organization is listed

Its early days with the free version and there are bound to be a few problems. It'll be a pity if I can only get access to my own organization by signing up with a different Microsoft account. I see someone else has a similar problem (from answers.microsoft.com) only he got an error message during the setup. My setup was hassle free and I received an confirmation email as well.

I think it's time to log a call with Microsoft support. As you say, the free version of Teams is in its early days and some hiccups are likely...


Once you have logged into Teams...do you have the option to switch accounts? I snagged this pic from the article listed in the original post.  https://www.petri.com/free-teams-version-works


Switching between Teams tenants

I got an error code NAV0005. 

Maybe because my MS account connected with an educational 365 account? 

I used the method as described by @Tony Redmond in the post https://www.petri.com/free-teams-version-works to access my "phantom" Office 365 tenant. There I can see the two "organizations" or domains of which I have membership. I am global administrator of the one and a member of the other one. I even managed to log into Free Microsoft Teams with admin@myorganization.onmicrosoft.com. However, it is very frustrating that I cannot access my Free Microsoft Teams organization with my Microsoft account that I used to create it with. As soon as I login to Teams with that account, I get signed into the other organization of which I am a member.

Free Teams Domains.jpgThe accounts viewed in Azure

I eventually got hold of the right support person at Microsoft and he understood the problem. He did some sort of a synchronization on his side and problem solved! My Free Microsoft Teams organization now behaves as expected.

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