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Hi MS Teams!


Is there any way to insert a link and display custom text, ie not the full URL? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this feature is missing - You can only paste in a full URL.




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Do you mean in the text web part?


The steps to do this:

  1. Type your text
  2. Click on the two rings in the bar
  3. Then in the dialog type the url.




I believe that she means in the Team Chat - where there isn't a "links" option.



Agree, she is talking about Teams

If you click on New Conversation you will indeed get a dialog without the link option. If you open in a new window however using this icon at the top right:


Then there is a link option available.



If you mean the chat in the Teams App. Then there is indeed no option available other than copy paste the link from another source.

Feature request please! This would be great, and ideally we can use Ctrl-K keyboard shortcut like we can in Outlook (and other Office apps) to replace text with a hyperlink. Long URL's look ugly.

If you have time and need this feature badly then you can use simple but silly workaround: "prepare" your link in other MS application using Ctrl+K and then copy-paste it to Teams.

The proper term for this is Hyperlink, and this is coming; Go vote to help get it prioritized! :)  There are even some workarounds in the comments using markdown.

Yes, it's already there if you type in the Markdown syntax as [DisplayText](http://something). So for example try [Bing](

I copy pasted it exactly, [Bing]( - that was a copy/paste too) and it did not work. I believe others have indicated it doesn't work either. In any case, I would expect the same Ctrl-K type functionality in other Office apps will come to MS Teams.

Up until May 17th update I was among those who couldn't make this markdown syntax work. At last its working!


However, I tested copy-paste and it didn't work. If you type in, it's fine but no luck with copy-paste [Bing]( It's also working if you type [Bing](  and paste URL and close paranthesis + space.


I also strongly support uniform Ctrl+K across all MS apps.

standard markdown still doesn't work.

neither does slack-markup for urls -

<|My Clever Text>

In the Teams web client I can use the standard keyboard shortcut "Ctrl-K", but I see no way to do it in the Windows Desktop Client (64 bit anyway).



you just need to "type" a space after your ) ... [text](url)SPACE ... after space til text and url will convert into a real hyperlink (as if you paste from a proper html-tool

Within Teams, I'm still not seeing how to insert a link into text. Seems like a basic functionality to include (or make easier to find/figure out).

Control-K now works!


As in this conversation, Teams now supports Highlight>Control-K>Paste URL



This does not work for internal links using UNC locations.

Moving from Slack, where this did, to Teams, where it does not, is creating a lot of gumbling!

Thanks for the suggestion.

However, when I click on the "Start a new conversation" box at the bottom, I don't see the icon you are showing (in the top right).
Could you please help me find this icon?
Many thanks.

Agree with this.. we use custom UNC links for programs like Perforce all the time and Team is blocking it from working  (despite working in IE, Edge, Windows explorer and Chrome).


Links to Microsoft Dynamics NAV are not accepted either. Linking across MS products should always be possible.


Teams hyperlink NAV.PNG

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