Include @mentions in cards from O365 webhooks

Chris Haley
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I'm using a webhook to push a notification into a team channel, which will begin a conversation and I want to notify specific individuals, but it seems I cannot @mention them by name - is this by design, can we request it as a feature, or any suggestions on how to alert them to the new conversation?




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Did you ever find a solution for this?

This is for something else (which they just recently released) but we still need the ability to have a webhook mention specific people. We have a recurring automation job that uses a webhook to send notifications from our ticketing system to our Teams channel when a new ticket arrives, and we were hoping Microsoft was working on a way so we could mention specific people in that notification. We have a script to determine who should be notified primarily based on the ticket content and then have them be mentioned specifically in the new ticket notification. Apparently, they were not really working on that feature... -___-

Any news on the ability to @mention individuals or channels in cards from O365 webhooks? I noticed in the above post that notifications now occur for connectors when users are following a given channel, but this means your users have to sign-on for notifications of ALL activity.


This isn't realistic for how teams collaborate and the spam will lead to unfollows very quickly. Any work-arounds for this currently? I noticed MS Teams Bots have syntax for @mentions (<at>@General</at>). Is this supported for connectors as well in some way? 

Any update on this?

I think @Suphatra Rufo can answer this question 

I would like to see this feature implemented. We do practicality the same webhook with Slack and the mention feature works fantastic <@person>. We use that feature on most of our calls.

I would like to see @mention code that I could include on incoming channel emails too. It would increase functionality by 200%.

Does anyone know of an update on this?

I think this is covered by this user voice https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/17153099-webhook-needs-to-supp...


@Suphatra Rufo - your name has been mentioned to possibly help indicate when this may be resolved. I've seen some posts on stackoverflow saying 'soon' back in early 2017!!! Can you please respond?

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