How to use Microsoft Teams classification

Jakob Rohde

When I create or edit a team, I don't see the option to select a classification for the team. Where are these classification settings managed? And does this feature require Azure AD P2?

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To see those classification you need first to create them by using PowerShell:

Ok, so I can specify a list of possible classifications. But is it possible to link different classification with different policies? As an example, if I have a classification called "Highly Classified" it would be nice to disable guest users in such a team. 

Yes, you can specify a list of possible classifications but for now it's not possible to link with different policies. This is something that is coming at leas for modern SPO sites as announced at Ignite so you will be able to classify a site in terms of sensitive classification defined
Hi Jakob,

To follow up on Juan's point: here is some official documentation on modern site classification

Best, Chris
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