How to "Open in word" directly from teams in the mac client? - Or, how to workflow docs on mac?

Micah Sawyer
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When a PC user wants to edit a file from a team and has not chosen to sync the files via oneDrive, they can select the options next to the file name and choose "Open in Word" Which then opens up the desktop word client and will sync when saved. 


However, my mac users only see the "Open in teams" and "open in word online" options and NOT the "Open in word" option. So they have started downloading the files, opening locally and then re-uploading them, which is of course not ideal. 


Is there a way to have the mac teams client open a file in the desktop application directly? 

Thank you!

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Hi Micah,


Noticed the same it is a bug. I already Reported it so i hope it gets fixed soon.

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