How to have Teams adhere to Syke for Business status?

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I read that Teams is supposed to adhere to the Skype for Business status.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for us. We're not using Skype for Business Online but the "on-premise" version. Is this the cause?



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Hi Florian. This has the do with the co-existence modes. OnPremise Skype causes some limits there, but some scenarios should work. "For example, if an originator’s chat or call should land on the target’s Skype for Business client, then it’s the Skype for Business client’s presence that should be shown to the originator. If it should land on the target’s Teams client, then it’s the Teams client’s presence that should be shown."
You may also want to read this Doc "Migration and interoperability guidance for organizations using Teams together with Skype for Business"

Thanks for the links. WIll take some time to read and understand this. When you say:" If it should land on the target’s Teams client, then it’s the Teams client’s presence that should be shown."

I agree and it makes sense. The reason I was hoping for Skype to relay the status to Teams is that we have users complaining about the fact that their Exchange calendar which usually shows someone as "busy" in Skype if in a meeting, is not showing up in Teams. I was hoping that this is somehow possible.

Maybe I'll find somtething in the documentation about that.


Hi @Florian Hein @Vesa Nopanen

I deleted a post previously because I thought I read the question wrong and Vesa was correct, however seeing Florian's answer it may be relevant

See article here

As per UserVoice, Microsoft is working on integrated presence with Outlook. Currently only Skype for Business presence integrates with Outlook contacts. This may be the reason for the issue. Teams Presence also has performance issues and delays which could also be an issue given the real time changes in Skype for Business


Hope this adds to the conversation

Best, Chris

Sounds like you are sitting with On-Prem exchange still? Teams should also set presence based on calendar information, but if you are on-prem it won't pull that across. Is this the case here?

Thanks Christopher and Chris for chiming in and providing valuable feedback - as always.

It is indeed the case that we're still using Exchange on-prem and I notice more and more that this is holding us back in terms of not only Teams but Office 365 integration in general but that's for another day:-)


I have voted in the user voice although if I understood correctly this will not apply not Exchange on prem and its Outlook client.


Just wanted to make sure that there's no other option in order to know how to communicate this to our users.



Going hybrid is not an option?


Well, let me put it this way. It is even planned to go EXO but as far as I understand from our Exchange Team our company is legally required to host email data within our country (Switzerland) and unless MS finishes establishing a data center here it seems we have to stick on prem.

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