How to get Member permission group back on Teams SharePoint site

Peter Charrington
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When creating a Team, it auto-creates a SharePoint site. This created two groups xxx owners and xxx members.

The xxx members group was deleted by accident and all access for those within the group lost to the site, I had to then invite all members individually and assign them as site members from within advanced permissions.


Is there a way to recover this group so it auto links back to Teams as per all my other teams?


See below the Quality owners group is there but no Quality members.

*Within MS Teams the members and owners are still the same and full access to Teams is normal its just access to the SharePoint site.


Capture.JPGOwners and Members


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You can click advanced permissions, then select the new Members group you created and add the "Group name" as a user to the SharePoint group. This should work.

Hi Christopher,


Thank you for your reply, but I do not think this will completely work for what I am looking for, only because of the following:


So when you create a MS Teams team it creates 3 SharePoint permission Groups:

name Member

name Owners

name Visitors

However there are actually no users or user groups inside them within advanced permissions that I can find.

When I click on group membership on the SharePoint site, all the users are there from Teams and they are all assigned to either Member or Owner.

If I click on the Cog and site permissions, there are 3 permission group drop downs (below) with a user group in owners and members. The user groups are called name owners and name members.


These seem to be invisible groups where the only reference to them is found in the below screenshot. I don't know how the member group was deleted on one of my sites, but without it sitting in the below member section it removes all access to SharePoint.


To do the method you proposed does not auto assign new members added to teams to the new user group and therefore I will need to add them twice, once to teams then again to SharePoint.

Therefore I would like to recover the invisible group as it seems to be a direct link to Teams.


permissions one.JPG


Figured it out!


Need to go into the name Members permission group and add name as a user. This then finds the original group and adds it in!

That's exactly what I told you to do :P. 

Thanks, I took it as create a new user group and add them all too it! silly me

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