How to See User Engagement in Teams?

John Henning
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We are about six months into our company's roll out of Teams, and we are slowly gaining traction and additional support from management.


We are receiving requests to verify user engagement to our currently in place Teams.  Is there way to see a user's engagement with the Team?  Things like verifying views of posts/tabs/??? 


We are trying hard to break out of the corporate "email chain" but without being able to verify users activity or interaction within Teams, it will be challenging to leave the emails behind...


Thank you!


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Here is the Teams Activity Report

Here is the Teams usage report

It doesn’t currently go as deep as likes of posts and sentiment yet. There are uservoices open for these at Teams uservoice such as here

Would go vote on them to raise them up the agenda.

Per Team and Cross Team analytics have been added to the Roadmap recently

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
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