How to Enable Join Code Feature in Microsoft Teams

Stephanie Portillo

I was at a training and saw where a teacher could get an access code to give to students to join their class in Microsoft Teams. However, I don't see where to enable it in the Office 365 admin center. Has it not been released to everyone yet? It is supposed to found by clicking the ellipses for the team>Manage Team>Settings. Does anyone else have this option? If so, please share how I can make that option available to my organization. It would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

Stephanie Portillo

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It's probably for EDU only? I really hope that comes to business too, would like a way to send out a link to have people request to join private teams.

Yes, it is EDU and our school district has the EDU tenant.


Join codes are not released yet Stephanie.


Assignment Analytics, Join Codes, and Reuse a Team as a Template will begin to roll out to Office 365 Education customers enrolled in our Teams for Education beta program today (announced Jan. 21st.). These capabilities will move to worldwide production by Spring 2018.

Mangus, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

@Magnus Sandtorv My district still does not have the Join Code option in Teams. Is there something I need to do on the backend? I'm really hoping this will be ready for the new school year.

It’s not available for everyone yet, but should light up in your tenant automatically in the coming weeks, definitely before the new school year. When it’s ready you should see it under Manage team - Settings - Team code

Where will the Team Code be displayed? Currently, in our Teams client, we show the field to join a team by code, but nowhere that displays a code. 

Manage Team > Setting tab, section says Code.

Awesome, thanks!

Questionable design as you can't search for a generated code in the CLI. Hopefully there's a enhancement for this. 

Hi there,

Please forgive my ignorance as I'm very new to all of this but we've been having the issue where a teacher cannot 'create a team' as I can being an admin user. I've been to the Microsoft 365 admin portal and then to the Teams & Skype section but I can't find the option to change anything about this issue there? 

Any help would be very much appreciated!



Hmm. Thanks for that. I'm now looking into that option...
Hi again,
That looks like what I need to do but here at the school we don't use AzureAd as we have our own local AD which then syncs with O365.
Your local ad syncs with azure ad!
Azure ad is always included and mandatory! That’s were your synced users end up
Okay. I didn't realise that. In that case I suppose I could then install the AzureAD module and run the script to allow users to create groups..?
Thanks, I'll have a good look,

By default this is on! Users should be able to create groups..If no one been there trixing before this is not the issue 

To check


install-module AzureAdPreview

Connect-azuread ( enter credentials )



$Setting = Get-AzureADDirectorySetting -Id (Get-AzureADDirectorySetting | where -Property DisplayName -Value "Group.Unified" -EQ).id





Check if "EnablegroupCreation" is set to false or true


/ Adam

Thanks for your replies everyone! Joining Teams via class code is working perfectly! I was just impatient! LOL!

When the 'join by code' is enabled, can it be disabled again later? e.g. when there are changes in the policy. it's okay to join by code for Beta version, but need some sort of invitation at the production, or that will require us to move everyone to a new room? 

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