How do I specify a JIRA project in Microsoft Teams webhook?

Tuomo Suominen
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We set up team spaces for two specific projects, which also have their respective JIRA projects. Turns out that creating a JIRA connector brings *all* tickets from *every* JIRA project to those team spaces. Is there a way to focus the webhook on a specific JIRA project, relevant for that team space? Thanks in advance, Tuomo Suominen / Sanoma Pro

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This may be what you are looking for:




A webhook in JIRA is defined by the following information, which you need to provide when registering (i.e. creating) a new webhook:

  • a name for the webhook created ("Webhook for my remote app")
  • the URL where the callback should be sent
  • the scope of the webhook, either "all issues" or a limited set of issues specified by JQL ("project = TEST and fixVersion = future")
  • the events to post to the URL, either "all events" or a specific set of events

A simple webhook might look like this:


Name: "My simple webhook"
URL: http://www.myremoteapplication.com/webhookreceiver
Scope: all issues
Events: all issue events



A more complex webhook might look like this:


Name: "A slightly more advanced webhook"
URL: http://www.myremoteapplication.com/webhookreceiver
Project = JRA AND fixVersion IN ("6.4", "7.0")
Events: Issue Updated, Issue Created

Hello , 


I have one questions. After integration of Ms Teams and JIra, any labels that we update realted to any task in Ms Teams will that be reflected in Jira too ?

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