How best to access Team drive from Surface Hub?

Steve Whitcher
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This question could go in either the Surface Hub community or the Teams community.  I decided to put it here because while it is to some degree about Surface Hub, at it's core it's a question about usability of Microsoft Teams on a specific platform running an alternate version of Windows. 


I have a powerpoint presentation that is used by multiple staff members in our department.  Our Team drive seems like the logical place to keep it, so that we maintain one single copy of the file which everyone uses.  The trouble comes in when we want to present this using the built-in powerpoint app on a Surface Hub, as opposed to using a laptop and projector.


If I sign into the hub with my O365 account, I can access my recent files.  I can also sign in to the powerpoint app itself and browse for a file to open.  The browse dialog does allow easy access to files on my personal onedrive, but not my team drive.  


The obvious answer would be to install the Microsoft Teams client app on the Surface Hub.  So, I went straight to the windows store to download it.  Of course, nothing is ever that simple, and it appears that there is no store version of the Microsoft Teams client.  Seems odd, considering that Teams and the Surface Hub are both Microsoft products designed for business collaboration and conferencing...


As a workaround, I could run the presentation on a laptop and project it to the Surface Hub using miracast, but that is a real waste of a $9000 system.  I mean, a $350 55" TV and a $50 miracast adapter could accomplish the same thing.


I could also try creating a shortcut in my personal onedrive that points to the file on the team drive.  I just thought of that option, so I haven't tried it yet.  It might work, but even so it still seems like a janky workaround for the problem.  


I see that the subject of a windows store version of the Teams client has come up a few times in the past, with Microsoft responding in a thread from last November that a the Teams client would be made available as a store app using the desktop bridge.  Nine months later, there doesn't seem to be any news on that though.  


So, to bottom line this, I guess I have 2 questions:

1) When, if ever, can we expect a Windows Store / Surface Hub compatible version of the Teams client to be made available?

2) Until then, what is the easiest way to access files stored on a Team drive from a Surface Hub?




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It's not enough to use the Microsoft Teams Web App?

Teams files are the files from the group's site.


In the OneDrive app on the SurfaceHub, once you are signed in, will show files from all the sites you are part of, so you can open your files in powerpoint from there.



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