Guest users can't see meeting details or RSVP inside Teams

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I'm a guest in a number of Teams for different organizations/tenants. When I am invited to a Team meeting in a channel, I receive a meeting notice via email in Outlook, to which I can RSVP (which is great), however, if I am actually using the Teams app, and see the meeting notice inside the channel where the meeting is being held, I see the meeting notice in the channel convo, but if I click on it nothing happens. I can't see the meeting details or accept/RSVP to it. Is this a bug? I understand that as a guest not all features will be accessible to me inside the team, but this seems like it should be.


The UI is for meeting notices in conversations also causes confusion for full Team members. They see the Meeting request in the conversation, and there is a "Reply" option under it. They naturally assume that's a way to RSVP/reply to the meeting request, so we wind up with tons of conversation messages like, "Yes I can attend", rather than an actual RSVP. 



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The experience today is not great regarding meetings / calendar / respond etc!
This month a new calendar tab will be rolling out replacing the meetings tab in Teams! I’ve heard this will be a much more rich experience ragrding stuff like this

Thank you Adam. My fingers are crossed, but I am not holding my breath!
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