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Marius Johansen
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Is there any plans for introducing other grading options than the 0 to 100 points system in the assignments within Teams?


In Norway we use grading from A to F (college and university) and 1 to 6 (junior high and high school). We also use + and - on grading. Giving points 0 to 100 on an assignment is not much used here. 

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1-6 you can already do by setting the range when you create the assignment. If you need 1.1, 1.2 etc then you could go for 1-60 I guess. The letter grading isn't there. You might want to create a uservoice for that idea. I am sure quite a few people would like to see this.

I make a uservoice then. Letter grading and number grading with +/- might be a good addition for more people than just us norwegians.

@Marius Johansen Yes I agree. The assignment tool in Teams should have customizable grading scales. F. ex. A-F, 1-6, or anything the teacher wants to use as an expression for the grading of the assignment. Flexible and customizable grading options are IMO crucial for Teams to be considered as alternative to LMS.

Hi @rektoreirik, @Marius Johansen

There is a uservoice open for this here


So I would recommend for you to vote on it and get as many as possible to do so to push it up Microsoft's priorities.

To also note, that Microsoft announced at BETT 2019 recently that assignments were getting an overhaul


More flexible grading may be part of that. However, I would still recommend the uservoice.

Hope this answers your question.

Best, Chris

Best, Chris
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