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Josh Grier
New Contributor

Is anyone else having any issues accessing flows from within the Teams apps?  I've got the flow app installed from the store but when I go into the app and click the "sign in" button I just get a blank box with a url at the top (Https://preview.flow.microsoft.com).  Flows are working for my user outside of Teams but I'm really hoping to add a flow to a team object. 

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I had the same issue I think originally, you just have to be patient takes awhile to load if I recall.

I was hoping it would be something easy like that but I let it sit on that screen for a solid 20 minutes with no change.  I should add that I get the same behavior in the desktop client and the web client.  

No problems here, what it's very strange is the url you mention that is not correct...Flow is currently available at flow.microsoft.com. Have you opened a support ticket?
By the way, the problem you are having could be related to a problem reported in Flow service https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Admin-Center/Service-Health-Flow-Not-Included/m-p/190252#M112...

This exact same issue is happening to me right now too...

No ticket yet but since it sounds like there are some bigger issues right now I'll just give it a day or two and see what happens. Thanks for the response. 

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