Excel Tab in Channel, only show certain/single sheets

Myles Gallagher

Anyone know of a way to display a single excel sheet on a Teams channel tab instead of an entire document, without hiding the sheets in the document itself?


I suspect not, as the settings are all very simple and straightforward (and lacking, but it is what it is).

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@Myles Gallagher It is possible but it is not pretty :)


You can create a page and embed the File Viewer web part on it. 

Then edit the properties for the web part and choose "Range". Then You will be able to select a specific Sheet.

Save the Page and copy the url to it.


Open Your Team again and add a tab (of the type "Website" or "SharePoint). Paste the Url (or select the Page) and name the tab. 

The result will look like this. Viewable but You will not be able to directly open it in Excel.



As i said, it is not pretty but it works if the purpose is just to display the data.


Hope that was a good enough answer.


Best of luck!

Regards, Magnus


Not gonna lie, even though it's so trivial that's pretty clever. Can't believe I didn't think of it.

It is pretty clunk though! Thanks for the idea, much appreciated.
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