Error 500 by calling and creating a webhook connector

Thomas Goelles

Since yesterday I get error messages while trying to call a Teams webhook of my channels.


"Webhook message delivery failed with error: Microsoft Teams endpoint returned HTTP error 500 with ContextId tcid=105260188274304390,server=EAP010211239200.." Is the answer I get by running my demo scripts that worked now for a few months. I get this now on every webhook I configured at this tenant. All of them worked by Friday but are broken since at least Saturday evening UTC.


At first, I thought maybe something gone wrong with that tenant. Today I created a new Team in a different tenant in the web interface. I tried to create a webhook and boom:teamserror.png




So at least 2 tenants with error 500 while dealing with connectors in Teams. Anyone else getting these kinds of errors at the moment?

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Yeah I have the same issue.

only new webhook's fail to create

Looks like it's back to normal now.


At least my Azure Functions trigger my connectors again and I get the messages in the channels. 


Maybe some downtime based on rolling out new features for Ignite? Nevertheless, two days without connectors isn't building trust at all. 

yeah same here, and the newly created webhooks, also work, no need to recreate them.

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