Emails not arriving in Teams from Azure Automation

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We are seeing an odd situation is Teams where emails aren't arriving.  We have some runbooks in Azure Automation that email out lists to a teams channel.  This has been working for a number of months, but it has suddenly stopped working.

We have emailed the Teams channel address from a standard email account and this comes through perfectly.  Also we have changed the runbooks to email a standard user account and that works too.  It seem that is just email coming from Azure Automation to Teams that appears to be a problem.

It's only around 10 emails a day (so not hitting a spamming limit), and it's coming from multiple runbooks so it's not some faulty code.

Is anyone else seeing issues like this or know where to go from here?

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Teams has the ability to restrict what domains it receives emails from. So if this emails are not coming from one of your O365 domains it's possible it's not letting them in.
You can add the domain to the trusted list in Teams from within the O365 admin panel setting for Teams.
If it is the same domain as in your O365 tenant but it's not actually going *through* O365, then it's probably being marked as junk in the backend.

@Loryan Strant  Interesting, thanks. 

I've checked the Trusted Domains in Teams and was set to allow anyone.  I've also set it to our corp domain to test and this doesn't come through either.

The email is coming from our O365 domain account (our corp domain), so I suspect you are right and it is getting marked as junk.  It is a repetitive email that comes though daily.  Do you know if there is any way we can see if it is going into the junk somewhere? 


I have a similar issue but not sending from Azure, rather from an on prem SQL instance.
An automated job runs overnight and emails out a couple of messages with .CSV files attached.

They arrive in the Team and the body of the email can be seen but the attachment doesn't 'unpack' into the Files tab.

When I click on the 'View original email' link the .EML file opens and I can see the CSV there. If I then forward this from any email account, corporate or personal, it works just fine and the attachment drops into the Files tab.

I'll post back here if I find out why.

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